28th February 2013

Dear Diary,

today I want to show you a small and pretty Blues-Club which I found several days ago. It is called "The Old Hideout" and is run by a very nice German guy and his girlfriend from the UK.

Visit by clicking here!

I really enjoy the atmosphere since it is quite small and private. The owner puts alot of heart into it and even has live singers there from time to time.
It is a really nice place for an evening or a night out.

You have to visit some time and loose yourself in the rhythm, flow with the blues and have a drink at the bar.

Love, Emy ♥

18th January 2013

Dear Diary,

there was not much going on today so I decided to go out for a walk and guess what I found! With no clue how I came there I stood infront of the Labyrinth of Time.

You can guess I felt like Alice somehow falling down the rabbit hole when walking through the channels. It was so great behind every bend I found something new and exciting; another thing that made me feel like Alice.
I will definetly have to have a look at the surrounding of the Labyrinth but for today I am very tired as it feels like I walked miles.

Oh and here I have the photos for you, from which I made a small collage showing my feelings.

Visit by clicking here!
I hope to show you the nature around it soon.

Love, Emy

13th January 2013

Dear Diary,
 today I went to a huuuge event. It was a virtual version of the Belgish "Tomorrow Land".
When tping there the first thing that caught my eyey was the amazing landscape. Centered in a huge mountain range was the event place. From our tents we went over a bridge to the floor. Those DJs were amazing! I love the music.
As usual I took some photos for you... I have somewhere in bag... Oh there they are.

Visit by clicking here!

Okies I have to go and rest now ;)

Love, Emy
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